Change your life. Change the world.


(and be glad you did)

Your plans never fit inside those boxes anyways.

Re-define "Normal" and design a life you love to live.

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A simple path

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March 1-5th, 2021


Deep breaths! We know commitment is a trigger word, which is why it is less than a week!

PLUS - you have access whenever and forever! So you can work at your own pace and never fall behind!

Learn simple (but powerful) tools and design life the way you want it to look.



We get right to the point.

No mumbo jumbo, no waste. We give you what works, in bite-size nuggets that fit in any schedule.  Gain clarity and confidence over your morning coffee or on your lunch break.  

Get the fastest results by taking action during the video and be done in less than 30 minutes/day. 



Can I hear an AMEN?

We can all use somebody to lean on right now. There will be LIVE Coaching  via ZOOM every night of the challenge!  Join the call, or watch the replay at your convenience.  Get the best results from your investment.

Share the journey with an amazing community of people moving forward together.  

So liberating & empowering!

"Time By Design - Redefining Normal couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I loved the whole process! The challenges we did everyday were so eye opening, liberating and empowering for me. I was surprised by the feeling of relief, knowing where I am at and where I want to go. I found tools that I now use everyday now to help me navigate through life’s challenges."

Sala Saro
Calgary, AB

No more overwhelm!

The Redefining Normal course really helped me understand how I think about my time and how to approach my life passions and projects in a way that makes carrying them out doable. 

I don't have to look at things as overwhelming, and I have a better sense of how to start getting to the things I really love in life.

Teisha Simmons

Galena, Alaska

A Supportive Community!

The Time By Design course has helped me revisit why this is so important to me, as well as challenged me to get really honest with myself about what stumbling blocks are still lurking, waiting to trip me up. 


Thank you so much for allowing me to revisit this and for being such a support along the way.

Julie Woloschuk

Victoria, BC



Align your time with your values, and prioritize what is most important to you.  Find more fulfilment and less stress on the journey towards your dreams.

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