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In January of 2012, By Design launched its first challenge with a mission to mobilize a generation to make the changes that matter most in our lives. With a belief that every thing we do matters and a value for the little things, we began a journey to change the world – one life at a time. Our driving theory was “If we can challenge people to dream again, to begin at home in the little things and create a culture of honour to support one another, we will uncover the leaders who will affect change in every arena of the world.” Hundreds of stories later, By Design has successfully unlocked a simple path to awaken the dreamers, and build a community moving forward together.

The Coaching Team

Vangel Roberts - Co-founder of the By Design Challenge and Facilitator

Dedicated to turning down the noise, and bringing clarity and hope to others, Vangel shares openly about her battle with anxiety, suffocating debt, loneliness, her struggles as a mom, and how she found hope again.  In every part of her life, she is committed to getting lasting results from the heart, not just changing behaviors.

Whether writing, consulting, personality training, motivational speaking or connecting with children and youth, Vangel is  passionate about building strong connections, making others feel valued and awakening the dreamers to make the impact only they were designed to make.

Lillian Underwood - Executive Coach and Speaker

Executive coach and Speaker with By Design Life Coaching, Lillian is passionate about exploring the roots of the beliefs that shape our lives and equipping people to experience breakthrough in health, finance and relationships.

Through sharing her personal journey, Lillian communicates how she overcame childhood abuse, phobias, lack of self-worth and overwhelming debt to live today debt-free and empowering others to live their dreams.  Lillian’s story will inspire hope in every heart that is open to change.

Sonya Price - Co-Founder of the By Design Challenge

Co-founder of By Design, and teacher by trade, Sonya is committed to the journey of living life from the heart and valuing the little things along the way.  With a passion for the practical, she is committed to reaching the vulnerable with a message of hope and embraces every soul, no matter where they are starting from, with empathy and love.

With a focus on living life by our core values, Sonya shares her  journey of learning to say “No” to the good, so she could say “Yes” to the best.  She also shares communication skills based in understanding, and is committed to reconciliation in our nation and in our homes.

Tina Savea - Speaker and Facilitator

With a strong desire to see others free & living life to the full, Tina is committed to sharing the joy she has found through forgiveness and personal responsibility.  Sharing openly about the pain of losing her father, her personal struggles with self worth and how finding her voice was the beginning of her healing journey, Tina will equip and inspire you to begin again and walk in dignity towards your dreams.

As an entrepreneur,  motivational speaker, and facilitator, Tina is dedicated to breaking down judgments that destroy relationship and building strong communities.   She is a visionary who shares with great emotion, equipping her audience with simple skills to move forward in life and be the change they want to see in the world.

Chelsea Henkel - Co-Founder of the By Design Challenge

As a writer, singer/songwriter, worship leader, speaker and mother of 3 handsome basketball loving sons, Chelsea is a cheerleader and coach to many, encouraging them to live life courageously, taking the risks they were born to take.

She shares openly, about the power of vulnerability, through her personal struggles, a battle with low self-worth and how she found her voice after a lifetime of silence.  She is committed to helping others overcome the insurmountable challenges that can threaten to steal from our lives and destroy our dreams.  Chelsea is all about empowering a community of world-changers to move forward together.


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