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January 11-15, 2021


Learn a simple framework, with step-by-step instructions, coaching, inspiration and a supportive community to help you relate to your money in a whole new way.

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you're in any way unsatisfied with the course, we'll refund 100% of your payment within 14 days of purchase– no questions asked.

“For the past seven years (at least) – I have been working at paying off approximately $75,000 in debt. I have always tried to put on a happy, brave face. Over the course of many setbacks I now am nearing the home stretch! After my income tax refund comes in (and I will apply it to my debt, of course) I will have $1,000 left to pay off – which thanks to your course and the “reawakening” and awareness that I carry forward – I will be on the “saving side” of money for the first time in as long as I can remember (I am not joking). I always thought that debt would just be my path, my struggle (especially as a single Mom – but even before – when was married and we were both making decent income). Thanks to the By Design team, myself and my kids finally will know what it’s like to live without the ongoing stress and fear that lack of money inherently brings to families, even if they are not consciously aware of it. I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity at this time in my life –I am so grateful and appreciative.”

Michelle Maxwell
School Counsellor

Stop letting debt control your financial decisions and let's talk about money management 


Do we have to?  That sounds BORING!!!

We get it, it is, but hold on for a second, and see if this resonates:

You work hard, real hard.  

You make money, good money.  

But do you ever wonder, why no matter how much you make, how many raises you get, sales you close, side hustles you got going on, you just never seem to get ahead or have cash in the bank for the things that really matter to you?

Do you ever wonder?


  • Where in the world did my pay check go?
  • Why am I working such long hours and sinking further into debt?
  • What happened to living the dream?
  • Pursuing work that feeds my soul?
  • Having freedom to enjoy life more?
  • Am I missing something?
  • Have I got it all wrong?


If you make money but struggle to keep it, 

it's time to try something different


After years of working with fellow dreamers, visionaries and creatives, we have discovered a few things about how some of us are wired, and how our personalities play a huge role in our ability to pay off debt and save for the future.


Just because you can't stick to a budget,

doesn't mean you can't be financially successful


If you detest the word "No" and really any restrictions for that matter, money management may be something you tend to avoid.  

If someone tells you what not to do, all of a sudden you have an urge to do it. 

So those budget apps and spreadsheets? They seem to work against you, not for you.  

More than anything, they tend to beat you up and make you feel like a failure on a good day.  

The reality is, not all of us are wired to manage money that way.  

If you are the kind of person who lives for the moment, and are optimistic about what's possible, you also have a strong sense that it will all work out, no matter how bad it looks right now.  

This is a good thing, one of your strengths.

If you learn to harness it, you can use it to your advantage.

Just because you are wired to believe that "more is better" and you find yourself planning your next vacation ON your current vacation, doesn't mean you can't learn to save for a future (somewhere out there) even when that Donut with sprinkles is calling your name right now.

All you need to know is how to get started.  

I'm ready to start!





Do you love pictures more than words?

Images more than facts and figures?


If so, you are motivated by what you SEE and DO, and you have a drive to SEE and DO more everyday!  You are easily bored, and always on the move.

Which in and of itself, is a good thing.

But guess who knows the way you are wired, and uses it to work against you?






The mall.

Best buy.

Starbucks...the list goes on...

These guys know you are sold by what you see, so they inundate you with tonnes of images every minute,  telling you what to wear, what to eat, what to do, where to live, where to travel, what to buy and even what to think and believe!

And then you find yourself walking around like a zombie, buying stuff you don't really want, and wondering why you aren't satisfied by any of it?  

Truth is, you are burning out, and so is your money. 

"Feeling very thankful and excited today. Learning to live alone in the decision making in my post separation life has been more than difficult. Even so, I am learning new lessons.

So thankful for what I learned at Money By Design 18 months ago!

Yesterday I purchased a decent used car using funds from my car repair, emergency fund, and garden work income accounts and paid for it with cash! No more payments and no 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' so-to-speak.

To date, since attending By Design I have paid off $45,000 worth of debt on my mortgage!  It is a fantastic feeling."

Julie Woloschuk


So how did you get in all this debt?


Bottom line = Marketing.

That AND the fact that paying off past experiences (that you've long forgotten) just feels lame when there are so many new things to be enjoyed today.  YOLO - you only live once,  am I right? 

Hey, we get it. We feel very much the same as you do.  

When you are naturally a people-person, who loves going deep, living in the moment, solving problems, thinking outside the box, staying positive, dreaming big, starting new things AND you have a beautifully creative mind, the possibilities truly are endless.

Unfortunately all those ideas, new businesses, delicious dinners out with friends and fun travel & experiences cost money.  Sometimes, A LOT OF MONEY.

And those bills? All the numbers? Spreadsheets? Bank statements, tax forms, and budget apps?

Poke me in the eye with a fork, right?

They are just not your thing.  

Definitely not something you want to think about or look at on a daily basis. "Maintenance" is a 4 letter word to you, much like "monotony", and mowing the lawn. 

Truth is, numbers make your head spin! 

You hated math class, and spelling bees.  You don't love anything that has a right and wrong answer.  You are all about creative license, and colouring outside the lines.

And you prefer pleasure over pain. 

So looking at your debt is something you tend to avoid.

And that's OK.

We are going to show you a new way of relating to your money that works for creatives like you.

And that debt will get paid off too. (BONUS!)


Sounds like a plan - I'm in!

In order to have more money, and keep it around

you must know how to relate to your money.


This isn't a game.  It's your life.  We are talking about hard earned cash you worked to bring in, cash you got up early to make, and now it's up to you to connect with it, and help it grow.  

Investing time in your money education will not only change your bank balance (and your visa balance) it will impact every area of your life.  

Clearing the blockages you've had with numbers, and the "feelings" you've had about past money blunders will help you design a path for your money to go that reflects what is actually important to you.

If you pay attention, if you are willing to go deeper and build a new relationship with your finances, struggling with money, doesn't have to be your story.  

You'll never "wonder" again, where it all went, because you know exactly where you told it to go.  

Are you ready?


A simple path you can take to create a plan for your money as unique as you are.  


The Money By Design Journey is a 5 step path that will take you from "struggling with money" and "overwhelmed by debt" to "feeling good about your money and your future".

You will rebuild your relationship with every dollar and design a financial plan that aligns with the things that matter most to you.

Our team is committed to walking with you step by step, breaking down the complicated dynamics of money management into easy to do, action steps, based on a proven program that guarantees results! 

And the most amazing part of the journey, is that you are surrounded by a supportive community that cheers you on every step of the way, while you get the job done!


 Learn skills to pay off this course

by the end of the 5 days!


Learn the tried and true basics of debt repayment and budgeting (if that's your thing), with simple action steps to put a plan in place by the end of the course.

Discover a different path that also works for dreamers who experience life in pictures, relationships and feelings (more than facts and figures).  

We have seen millions of dollars of debt paid off in our By Design community by individuals who never even tried to stick to a budget!

Here's what our week together will look like:



Seeing clearly and knowing where you are going is the first step on any journey. Without defining a vision of a new tomorrow, we will subconsciously re-create the same outcome we have experienced this far.

This step defines the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and it all begins with aligning your money with your unique, personal values.  


  • Who is in the drivers seat, your money, your debt or YOU?
  • 5 questions to ask to define what's important to you
  • 3 rules to follow when defining your vision
  • A simple, daily practice to rewire your brain 


As much as we may want to avoid it, getting real with our current reality is a critical part of moving forward towards our dreams.  You can't book a flight to a beautiful destination, without first entering your departure city.  When we are willing to acknowledge the problems, the pain of the present, and the past, our brains will go to work looking for solutions.


  • Deep emotions attached to your money
  • Fears that have held you back financially
  • Stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck
  • Habits that wreak havoc on your bank account
  • The bottom line, your numbers


It isn't easy to move forward into a new tomorrow while dragging the weight of yesterday along with us.  It's pretty close to impossible.  

At this point in the journey, we may have been triggered by circumstances or beliefs that threaten to take us off course.  
This next step will help you free yourself from the past, so you can push past limiting beliefs and overcome life's curveballs.

Learn how to:

  • Break the ties with lack
  • 5 crippling mindsets that keep us bound to lack
  • 5 attitudes of abundance we must embrace to move forward
  • how to free ourselves from beliefs and past experiences


Now that we see where we are headed, have had a good look at where we are starting from, and have examined a few of the beliefs and mindsets that brought us to this place, it’s decision time.  

Are we going to continue down that same path we’ve been on, or are we ready to change direction?  Are we going to continue focussing on the debt, the problems, the past decisions, the lack, or are we ready to say yes to a new mindset open to solutions, opportunities and abundance?  If you are ready to create a new relationship with your money, let's get started.


  • 4 things you must OWN to move  towards freedom
  • The most important relationship to guarantee lasting success
  • A few examples to inspire you along the way


In the final step, we unlock simple strategies to help us stay the course on our Money By Design journey.  

Secrets to daily motivation for financial transformation. Paying off debt takes time, and it is so important to stay focussed on the goal.  But no matter how long it takes, life must be lived to the full on the path of freedom. Discover what will give you the strength to go the distance.  It is time to stop, reflect and recognize just how far we have come, in only 5 days, to create momentum for lasting success.

Learn how to:

  • Overcome discouragement and financial hurdles
  • Keep focussed on your end goal
  • Stay motivated on the journey
  • Change your focus and redefine fun
  • Celebrate and reward yourself along the way


When you enrol, you'll also receive 5 PLUS bonuses to support you in the journey!  


#1 - Know Your numbers Activity

A simple action step you can take to rebuild the connection with every dollar.

#2 - Fresh, Family Friendly Food - meal plan

7 day meal plan and grocery list to save you money and simplify the meal making process. 

#3 - 100 ideas for free fun

Live life to the full, with 100 ideas to choose from!

#4 - Debt Snowball Method explained

One of the tried and true debt repayment plans simplified .

#5 - 50 easy ways to make $

Sometimes, we all need quick cash to make ends meet, or to buy that new pair of boots, so we have compiled a list with 50 options to choose from!

We go much deeper than you may expect.


Sure, we may have you take a look at your bank statements, and calculate a few numbers here and there.  

But in order to get you the lasting results you are looking for, we need to talk more about how we got to where we are and then do the work needed to shift our lack mindset to create a more abundant future. 

This is not a "behaviour modification" program.  

It is an inside - out transformation that will happen over time, as you align your money with what matters most to you.


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"After attending the By Design Journey, I have had more opportunities and promotions after I learned to master my current situation and excel at what was in front of me.

No matter where you are at this moment, if you excel at where you are right now and prosper where you are planted, it is amazing what you will be presented with. If you are struggling to manage your money right now and yet wishing and hoping for more money, it doesn't make sense for you to be in charge of more money! Same with your job, if you hate your job and doing it half ass, why should you be trusted with a greater position or a new opportunity if you are not mastering your current one?

The moment my husband and I began to focus on paying off debt new opportunities came up to pay off that debt. And the more we paid off that debt, the more we were trusted with opportunities to create financial freedom.

By Design will teach you to prosper where you are with what you have right now. Master it. Trust me new, exciting, and big things will come. You've got this."

Sarah Honor